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Flood Blocker - Protect your assets

Flood Blocker

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Flood Blocker is an other great Elxis security tool that prevents flood attacks to your site. Flood Blocker counts the users requests towards your site and the time interval between them and based on the settings you have made on the tool decides if a request is a flood attack or not. Flood Blocker will block users performing a flood attack. As you may know hackers use automatic tools to scan your site for security holes or exploitable software. Flood Blocker will prevent this scan as it will coonsider it as a flood attack. It is important to pay attention on setting up this tool and get experiment with the settings some time. The time interval and all other settings are not portable as each site has more or less visitors per day and there is the danger to block normal users if you dont set up this tool properly.

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صاحب امتیاز: عین اله رحیمی
سمت: مدیر مسئول
ایران اصفهان - فولادشهر
محله سی1 - پلاک 105
مکان ونوس کامپیوتر در گوگل مپ:
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فکس: 03152643073
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